Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dinner Menus

A friend of mine commented on this blog about not being sure where or how to start doing menus....

My advice is simple. Just decide to do it and then do it. If doing a whole month seems daunting, try starting with doing just one week. When you are comfortable doing that, try doing two weeks and so on.

Menu planning isn't for everyone. I can attest to the blessings my family has seen by my being prepared;
  • Our grocery bill has shrink drastically because I am buying what we need. No longer am I trying to fill our pantry with things we "might" use. Sure I am still working on building up our food storage, but I am more in tune with what we actually use. Food no longer goes to waste waiting for the day we "might" use it.
  • My family eats more dinners at home around the table. Sadly before Meghan started eating solid foods, we ate a lot of dinners in front of the T.V., or just went out. We still go out, but only once a week. That has saved us a lot of money. No one is perfect and there have been a couple of times that we have gone out when it wasn't planned, but those occasions have decreased dramatically since I began menu planning.
  • We try more new recipes. No longer am I scrambling at the last minute to come up with an idea for dinner. When scrambling I find myself turning to the tried and true dinners of things like tacos on a regular basis. Now there is nothing wrong with tacos, it is still one of our favorite meals, but families can not live on tacos alone. My husband would argue that....
Whether you hand write your menu or use a computer program it matters not. Start small and grow big....think sunflower

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Masked Marauder said...

After seeing your menu for the month (and before reading this post), I actually tried a meal planner for the entire month of February. We've strayed a few times...initially because there was a problem with monies and I didn't have what I needed for the scheduled meals that week so we had to rearrange things, and then because the Minis didn't do their chores and I refuse to cook in a dirty kitchen so it was an unplanned "fend for yourself" night...

The result...I've eliminated the guesswork on what to fix, we try a new recipe at least once a week (we have "mystery meal" on the calendar and I try a new recipe weekly), the girls are doing more of the cooking and I've shaved $200 off my grocery bill...I was bummed it wasn't more but $200 is still quite a bit.

Thanks for the inspiration (and all the yummy recipes too), I appreciate it.