Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pork Loin Roast with Applesauce

This poor roast has been on the menu for over a month now, but kept getting pushed aside for other more tantalizing meals. Okay, who am I kidding it always seemed to fall on a night when I would much rather NOT cook. Last night I finally made the pork roast and it was pretty good.

When it comes to browning roasts I am not patient enough to let my meat get a good crust. If I make this again I will have to allow time to work its magic and let my meat gain a good crust. Other than not trusting my crust making abilities, the only other fault with this dinner was also mine. I did not reduce the sauce enough so it was really thin. I think I am sensing lack of patience as a theme....

I retrieved this recipe from a great computer program I purchased over a year ago to help me digitalize a dusty basket of check-out counter cook books I had collected over a decade. It seemed rather silly for me to hold onto a rather large basket of cookbooks when I really only wanted maybe two dozen of the recipes it contained.

Here is the link to the PDF file from the computer program I mentioned for the recipe. I did not make my own apple sauce as I already had some store bought apple sauce in the pantry. Meghan and I ate the apple sauce, Phillip is not an apple sauce kind of guy. Every time I eat pork and apple sauce I am reminded the Brady Bunch episode where Bobby keeps saying "Pork chops and apple sauce" with a Bogart accent.


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