Friday, December 5, 2008

Edible Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Here's some super yummy Thanksgiving table decorations to file away for next year. I got the recipe for these here, The Booth. A cute crafty blog. They turned out yummy, and there were enough left over to enjoy the whole weekend.

Here are my tips I learned by doing;
  • The recipe for the turkeys call for candied corn, I couldn't find any so I used Reese's Pieces. Next year I will buy candied corn at Halloween.
  • We did the "tail" cookies first, and then assembled the bodies and beaks. Then without wasting any time we attempted to attach the tails to the bodies. We quickly learned to let the tails set out over night, otherwise it breaks in two.
  • We found it was easier to put the "tail feathers" on by smearing on a bit of frosting to the cookie and then adding the candy. When we tried putting the frosting onto the candy and then attaching it to the cookie it made a huge mess and most of them fell off.
Enjoy...we did!

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